The Importance of a Letter of Recommendation for Employment


In nearly all the job openings available today, a letter of recommendation will appear as one of the requirements you are supposed to meet before your application is considered. So, what makes this document so special for human resource department personnel? Well, here is a look at why hiring managers will keep asking for a reference from you as a precondition for employment.


The only persons who can endorse your skills and other qualities are persons you have worked or interacted with you in the past. It is only after potential employers are convinced that you performed or acted well in previous engagements that they will classify you as good hires. Take note that, in the job industry, past performance is the only known indication of what should be expected from you in the future.


It is surprising to note that employers are now more concerned about your personal qualities than your job skills. In short, your emotional quotient is considered more valuable than your intelligence quotient. This is a surprising turn of events that has caught many job candidates unawares as is evidenced by their apparent disappointment after oral and written interview sessions. A letter of recommendation chiefly speaks about personality, placing you miles ahead of other candidates if you present one.


Though most Reference Examples letters speak about your attitude towards your activities and other character traits, your job skills may also be recognized. Your competence and, in extension, your suitability for the particular open position becomes indisputable when this is the case.


Striking recommendation letters may actually be so convincing that potential employers may not find it necessary to make calls to the persons who provided the references. This saves you the frustration that may follow in case something is unearthed that could disqualify you from getting the position in question. Remember that referees are humans, and may sometimes forget some key facts or unknowingly disclose some information about you that hiring managers may consider damning. A letter of recommendation, therefore, ensures that you are on the safe side. Read for tips on what to avoid when asking for a recommendation letter.


Asking for a Letter of Recommendation. Overall, employers have very little knowledge about their future employees. It is only from letters of recommendation that they get a sneak peek into who the potential hires are. The way these letters are written have a significant influence on your chances of landing your dream job or any job, for that matter. If the person responsible for recruitment in a certain firm is asking for a reference letter, make sure it is well drafted as your career advancement depends on it critically.